Doctor Quads

Searching for the Shot

Daniel, aka “Doctor Quads”, is an American born Filmmaker, drone designer, pilot, sound engineer, and youtuber who has lived in China for the last 10 years. Diving head first into the world of creation with just a Sony a6400, he quickly found his passion making films about the beautiful land he had come to love. Adapting and learning quickly, he used his tireless work ethic to quickly master many skills surrounding the art of the camera.n
However, upon learning of FPV drones and their use, Daniel took on the name “Doctor Quads” and began a journey that would shape his life. His natural skills as a pilot were immediately noticed and he quickly climbed the ranks of his peers. 
He took on jobs as early as his first month with brands like BMW, Wanda Plaza, Zhaoqing Tourist bureau, and Rui Feng National Media Organization. Achieving professional respect and winning prestigious awards such as the “Shenzhen Daily Expat’s Eye Video Contest
Climbing from this success, he was advised by his long time friend Diego, a successful marketing film director, to make a Youtube channel and push for the next level. In just a few months, he was spotted by the FPV antenna company “Maple Wireless” and Motor Company “Brother Hobby”. They quickly signed him and incorporated him into their marketing campaigns. Even his early videos still are the most viewed relevant marketing material for both company’s entire social medias. All this from a month old Youtube account.
But Daniel was not content with just small success, he continued to push into new boundaries to improve his ability. When asked by Brotherhobby to design a drone around the motors they would be branding in his name, he took on the challenge without a second of hesitation.
This further pushed him into more professional fields such as 3d printing, 3d animation, and quadcopter tuning. Within a few months he was tapped to become the Polymaker “FPV” ambassador for the world’s most premium 3D printed filament, and the developers of world’s most popular flight software, Betaflight, offered him to be their hardware relationships manager.
Doctor Quads began learning Blender, not a traditional CAD design software, but the flexibility with cinema and design enticed him. Many said Blender could not be used to design drones comparable to CAD software, like Fusion 360. However, in his second design, Doctor Quads managed to create an entirely unique and revolutionary 3″ whoop that went viral on Chinese Douyin and blew up on his Youtube channel. 
Since then, Doctor Quads has stayed busy perfecting his filmmaking, designing countless drones and FPV hardware, and building professional relationships with fantastic brands such as: ArduPilot, Flywoo, BZGNSS, Hakrc, Brotherhobby, Betaflight, Dogcom, Foxeer, RUSH FPV, Maple Wireless, Polymaker, Radiomaster, Runcam, FMS Hobby, and many more. He is dedicated to his art and dedicated to the relationships he has built. This is only just the beginning….

Naked Gropo Cinematic Drone

A new design utilizing perfect center of gravity and allowing the use of a naked gopro 8-11

The art of nostalgia

I am in love with the engineering and beauty of vintage gear especially from German photography companies in the late 1950's

Modern Power

When it comes to flying an expensive cinema camera, nothing beats the raw power of Brotherhobby. Of course my modern design gives the flight buttery smooth performance.

Brotherhobby commercial

when asked if I could make a commercial for their new motor, I researched the methods and delivered a professional result within two weeks.

Filming Events

I am often hired to film major events for opening businesses and music festivals to give novel perspective to drive engagement.

Constant innovation

Innovation can never slow down as the completion will do the same!

A touch of humanity

Often I am hired not because my quick turn around but because I refuse to deliver a cold and soulless advertisement. I strive to make marketing engagement driven by love and desire.

Pushing the limit

Not only do you need a human element but you also need to WOW the audience by taking risks in order to show them something they haven't seen before


Having thumbnails that quickly grab the viewer's attention is important in today's high flow media space.

The power of Blender

The real power of blender is incredibly quick turn around of animation after design is completed

Quick Drafts

Not only is animation time halved, but by using blender and 3d printing the draft phase of a project is done in lightning speed.

Bring Awe to the People

If you can bring hope, beauty, life, and awe to someone's feet, they will give you their heart.