Build Guide: Dog Faced Pony Soldier

Step 1: Gathering the Items

Download 3D Files: HERE

The first thing you must do is go to HERE to download the 3d files needed for the build. You will then need to get all the screws and bits n bobs used in the build. here is a list and links where I could find them:

You will need some polymaker polyMax PLA: HERE

Screws: LINK to amazon’s pretty good screw filter results

  1. M2 8mm x16
  2. M3 8mm x4
  3. M2 10-14mm x4
  4. M2 Heatset Inserts x4 LINK
  5. M2.5 12mm x2
  6. M2 14mm x4
  7. M3 10mm x2
  8. M2.5 Hex Nut x2 LINK
  9. M2 8mm Self Tapping x4 LINK
  10. M3 14mm x1
  11. M3 12mm x3
  12. M3 Hex Nut x2 LINK
  13. M2 6-7mm x4
  14. M3 Countersunk Washer LINK


  1. XT60E-M
  2. Heatsink
  3. Thermal Pad
  4. USB – THIS is an alternative you can buy easily, though it might take some gluing to get it to work. However, I talked to HakRC and they said if you send them an email over at, they are willing to ship the fantastic USB breakaways they make in small batches. 
  5. USB To AirO3
  6. ND Filter Set used in DRX ND system
  7. Carbon Fibre Cutting service 
  8. Heat Shrink
  9. HakRC 40a AIO
  10. Foxeer Lolipop 4
  11. DJIO3
  12. Brotherhobby 1504.5 3950KV 
  13. DRX ND System
  14. Diatone Battery Strap
  15. Fastening Tape
  16. Forceps HERE and HERE
  17. E7000 Glue
  18. Metal Ring For battery Strap

Step 2: The Build

Follow this VIDEO GUIDE and below are some supplementary pictures to help

  • Dogface Final
  • Dogface Carbon Fibre 2
  • Dogface Carbon Fibre
  • Dogface Carbon Under
  • Dogface Carbon Back
  • Dogface Carbon front

STEP 3: Betaflight

Here is a LINK to a google drive with the CLI for BF 4.4 for the mecharoach, you may been to change some things depending on your receiver protocol, build, and preferences. NOTE this only works for hakrc 40a aio and bf 4.4

also just in case BetaFlight is on another version or you are using another aio. Here are some PICTURES of the tune to get you started

STEP 4: Give Back

All I ask in return is that you do one of two things, preferably both.
1) Sub to the Patreon
2) If you successfully built the drone, go out there and help someone else build it as well. Share the love

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