SSD Handle for S5iiX and BMPCC4K

Download Files

First off, you will need some polymaker polyMax PLA: HERE

HERE are the files for download


SO, unfortunately ITGZ was shockingly rude to me when i reached out to them and it put a bad taste in my mouth. LUCKYLY, a win win scenario arose when I saw a fantastic VIDEO discussing NVME enclosures and it actually turns out ITGZ is not the best but rather for thermals and size is a brand called JEYI.
And you can buy it on amazon anywhere in the world!! 


JEYI Drive: HERE or you can get from ALIEXPRESS

Get the Ulanzi F22 arm HERE

Get the Ulanzi F22 plates HERE

1/4th to 3/8ths adapter HERE


Print at 6 walls and 55-85% infill, you need to buy some 3/8 – 1/4th adapters and screw them in from the inside (yes it will be a pain in the butt but you only have to do it once)

the caps need to be printed out of Polymaker HF TPU for the best fit and friction.


Video Guide down below

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